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We understand what it takes to deliver your message to an audience.

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We deliver your message on billboards, posters, buses, shelters, and benches.
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Our footprint is always growing, so check out where our products are located!
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Outdoor Advertising is exposed to virtually everyone who goes out of the house to work, to shop, to play.

Constant Exposure

Exposure seven days a week, 365 days a year, Outdoor Advertising delivers your message over and over and over.

High Frequency

Because of its continuous presence, Outdoor Advertising is capable of producing frequency levels unmatched by any other medium.

Low Cost

No other advertising medium reaches as many people, as often, at as low a cost.


of US residents age 16 or over have traveled in a private vehicle in the past month.


of US Residents age 16 or older who have traveled in a vehicle in the past month noticed some form of out of home advertising.

  • 83% of billboard viewers make a point to look at the advertising message at least some of the time. 83%
  • 46% of US residents age 16 or over travel in a vehicle 2 hours or more on an average weekday. 46%
  • 33% of billboard viewers look at the billboard ad each time or almost each time they noticed one. 33%
  • 21% of out of home viewers have visited a restaurant after seeing an OOH advertisement. 21%
* Data from Nielsen Out-of-Home Advertising Study 2016

Our wide range of products will deliver your message to a diverse audience.



Street Furniture

Bus Ads

Our Products

Outdoor advertising provides constant exposure at an affordable price. Stott offers complete solutions for all of your advertising medium needs.

We now offer bus advertising in Stockton!

  We are very excited to announce that our bus advertising opportunities have extended into Stockton, California!  The large fleet of RTD buses looks fantastic, and we have launched our presence there with our new BusAdsRock.com campaign.  We’re looking... read more

Another great double-sided billboard added in north Chico

  We are thrilled to announce the construction of L-A054, a new double-sided billboard on Highway 99 in north Chico, north of Garner Lane. This brand new 10’x30’ illuminated sign is located on the west side of the highway, and has a strong approach from both... read more

Newly constructed bulletin on Highway 99

  Stott Outdoor advertising is pleased to announce the construction of L-A053, a new double-sided billboard on Highway 99 just south of Chico, near Durham-Pentz Road. This brand new 14’ x 48’ illuminated sign is located on the west side of the highway, and has... read more

Digital Advertising Campaigns

Digital advertising is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. They truly grab the attention of your audience and are capable of doing so much more than a static advertising option.

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Cost Effective

Multiple business can share the digital space, making it more cost-efficient.

Get Noticed

Dynamic designs will help your message get noticed more often.

Message Clarity

Digital billboards are often more clear and easier to read, no matter the time of day.