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Location IDProduct TypeCityDescription
3143 Digital Oroville, CA West side of Hwy 70, 200ft north of Grand Ave Overpass
North Face (P-1): Photo
9610 Digital Williams, CA East side of I-5, 630ft south of Husted Rd Overpass
North Face (P-1): Photo
South Face (P-2): Photo
A017 Digital Oroville, CA Oro Dam Blvd (Hwy 162) 175ft west of 7th Avenue
East Face (P-1): Photo
West Face (P-2): Photo
A055 Digital Oroville, CA East side of Highway 70, 100ft North of Georgia Pacific Way
North Face (P-1): Photo
South Face (P-2): Photo
Lightbox Digital Washington, DC, United States Photo