Decades of Experience

Stott Outdoor Advertising is Northern California’s dominant outdoor advertising company. Our ads can be seen throughout the heart of California (Redding, Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Yuba City and Modesto, among others) on Bulletins, Posters, Digital Displays, Bus Ads, Bus Shelters and Benches. Stott has expanded its reach into Nevada and Oregon and continues to search for additional opportunities.

What makes Stott the preferred outdoor advertising company? For starters, we’ve been in business since 1949, so we understand what it takes to deliver a client’s message to an audience—we’ve evolved as the industry has evolved.

Complete Market Coverage

Stott helps advertisers by reaching cities and counties throughout California, Nevada, and Oregon.

Dedicated Client Services

We’ve been connecting clients–from small business to multi-national corporations–with their audiences for decades.

Attention to Detail

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the ability to respond to all of clients’ advertising needs.

Our Staff

Maintenance / Construction

Charles Bagley

Maintenance / Construction

Tyler Burrows

Maintenance / Construction

Justin Haun

Maintenance / Construction

Eric Leppanen

Maintenance / Construction

Garry Popkin

Maintenance / Construction

Chuck Ulmen

Maintenance / Construction Supervisor

Real Estate

Greg Redeker

Senior Real Estate Manager

Jason Ripp

Real Estate Manager

Sales Team

Jennifer Dayton

Business Development Consultant

(Modesto, CA)

David Faulkner

Business Development Consultant

(Medford, OR)

Nick Johnson

Business Development Consultant

(Fresno, CA)

Michael Schwartz

National Sales Manager

John Scribner

Business Development Consultant

(Chico, CA)

Karen Smith

Business Development Consultant

(Chico, CA)

Victor Stockbridge

Business Development Consultant

(Chico, CA)

Jerry Urban

Business Development Consultant

(Chico, CA)

General Operations

Jim Moravec

General Manager

Renee Carrigan

Accounts Payable

Janine Curtin

General Operations Manager

Holley Estrada

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Lauren Ford

Administrative Assistant

Tara Miller

Operations and Production Coordinator

Michael Petersen


Russ Raburn

Transit Operations and Development Manager

Vanessa Ricketson

Senior Accounts Receivable Specialist

Rosalind VanGooden

Administrative Assistant II

Design Department

Ryan Fitzpatrick

Creative Director

Andrew Husband

Graphic Designer