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Jan 14, 2013


Imported from Detroit. With this simple, yet powerful slogan Chrysler motors became one of the great advertising success stories in recent history. After rolling out this highly effective campaign in 2011 they posted two years of record sales. But how did they do it? They didn’t change their vehicles; they were basically the same vehicles as previous model years. They didn’t improve their image; after filing for bankruptcy in 2009 they required a massive bailout from the federal government to regain their financial footing. They didn’t see a dramatic improvement in the fortunes of Detroit, the depressed and deteriorating city to which they have long been associated. No, rather than changing itself Chrysler changed its image in the minds of the American consumer. With the slogan Imported From Detroit they renewed a feeling of pride in their brand name by reestablishing a patriotic connection between the US, Detroit and Chrysler. They connected the American perception of the superiority of foreign imports to that sense of pride and–voila, American consumers once again felt good about purchasing a Chrysler product.

The Chrysler example is an excellent illustration of the fundamental fact that most consumers make purchases for emotional reasons. They justify those decisions with perceived facts. Advertisers must begin by appealing to a consumer’s emotional connection to a product or service. How will a consumer FEEL about owning your product or using your service? Once you have engaged these emotional connections there will be opportunities during the buying process to provide facts to support the buying decision.

Unfortunately, the best advertising in the world won’t help much if that advertising doesn’t provide a compelling message to the consumer. Advertisers must say something consumers care about, something that piques their interest. Because today’s consumer is bombarded with hundreds, perhaps thousands of advertising messages a day you, the advertiser, must make your message rise above the rest. You must tell consumers why they should use your product, your services, or your business rather than your competitors’. Since today’s consumer already expects high quality service and a wide selection of products this message simply isn’t enough.

While creating an emotional connection, as Chrysler did, can be highly effective, there are other strategies as well. For an ad campaign to be compelling it must be interesting. It won’t be successful if consumers don’t pay attention to it. You must also answer the question “who cares or who will be interested?” With so many choices in the marketplace you must provide information that demonstrates you have something unique and special to offer. Perhaps you offer a service or product that others don’t have, a price point your competitors can’t beat, or a convenience that will make the consumer’s life easier. If you are struggling to provide a clear answer to these questions then be certain to enlist the aid of an experienced advertising representative to brainstorm good ideas on your behalf.

– Corey Shumway (General Sales Manager)

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