Ad Campaign Tips – Repetition

Dec 15, 2012


In advertising there is one sure fire way to really make your campaign effective-repetition, repetition, repetition. Simply put, the more times customers are exposed to your ad, the more likely they are to remember and act on it.

Repetition is the name of the game when creating a memory imprint in the consumers mind. We have all heard adages like “you have to hear or see something three times to remember it.” I would suggest in today’s busy world it takes many more than three times.

Today’s consumers are presented with an endless array of options when buying something. They are impacted with more than 10,000 product logos a day as they travel to and from the store, work and other chores throughout their day. Everywhere they look someone is vying for their attention – which is what we in the ad business call “mind share”.

Our memory often functions like memory on a computer. When our brain gets full, the only option is to purge old, unneeded information or we can’t function well. In advertising, we strive for “top-of-mind” awareness by presenting the consumer a compelling message over and over again. If you do that often enough you become the Coke or McDonald’s of your industry.

Smaller customers often tell me “well, I’m no Coke. I don’t have their billions of ad dollars.” There is no doubt that is true, but the great news is by advertising on a local level it is much easier to create top-of- mind awareness without spending a ton of money. Additionally, smaller advertisers can often advertise in places the big box stores aren’t present.

To provide repetition a small advertiser can choose one of two strategies. You can either do a high number of ads all at once to saturate your market, or you can do fewer ads over a longer period of time to provide a consistent message. Small, local businesses can often better budget for a long term strategy that builds momentum by placing a reasonable monthly campaign. Over time, the impact on the market place is both powerful and memorable.

– Corey Shumway (General Sales Manager)

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