Choosing an effective billboard for your business

Jan 16, 2013


In a previous post we discussed how to determine who owns a specific billboard and how best to contact the billboard’s owner. The next step is determining how to use a billboard to its greatest advantage. Once you have determined who owns the billboards you are interested in there are several strategies for choosing which billboard will be most effective for advertising your business. Let’s begin with the simplest and most direct use of a billboard, as a directional.

The directional billboard is perhaps the most common and certainly the most traditional use of a billboard. If you have ever driven a car you have seen–and most likely been influenced by–a directional billboard. In its most generic form a directional billboard says something like “Gas Next Right,” “Lodging Three Miles Ahead “or “Fast and Good Food This Exit.” Directional billboards are unparalleled in their ability to effectively communicate with a business’ customers. No other media so directly targets potential customers in such close proximity to where the consumer will make a buying decision. Our nation’s highways are blanketed with companies large and small, single location or chains, well established or new to the market, that use directional billboards to build and grow their businesses.

If you are using directional billboards to benefit your business there are a few basic considerations to keep in mind:

• The billboard should be visible to consumers approaching your business. Consumers should have ample time to absorb your message and take action to get to your business.
• How far an effective billboard may be located from your business is a bit subjective. Factors are uniqueness of your proposition to the consumer, number of billboards in the area and the quantity of businesses offering similar services to your business.
• A classic use of a directional billboard is to encourage consumers to bypass a competitor’s business based on the strength of your product or service.

Finally, many businesses find that using multiple billboards actually increases their return on investment proportionately to that increased investment. Sometimes more does equal better.
In a future post I will address creating effective copy for your directional billboard.

Jim Moravec (General Manager)

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