Design Tips for Outdoor

There are a few important principles to consider when you’re putting together a simple, powerful and effective outdoor advertisement.

Clear Objectives

Having a clear objective is vital to making your ad effective. Is your goal to create top of mind awareness, a call to action, a directional, a price point, or something else?

Visual Hierarchy

In order for your ad to stand out, everything can’t be weighted with the same importance. Influence the way viewers see your ad by establishing a hierarchy within your design.

Strong Contrast

Contrast is critical for an effective outdoor ad. Contrast can refer to the color, size, shape, position, etc. of your design elements. Make sure important elements stand out!


An ad is only effective if it’s legible. Choose easy-to-read fonts, and consider allowing an outdoor advertising professional to modify your logo for maximum legibility and impact.

Be Concise

We recommend 7 words or less. Having information that’s easy to digest at a glance is the key to effectiveness. Avoid including non-critical contact information.

Impactful Imagery

Large images, silhouettes, and isolating and cropping individual elements increase impact. Avoid backgrounds with too much detail, which will distract from your overall message.

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