Delivering Your Message

Jul 22, 2013


Choosing which medium to use to deliver your advertising concept is an important decision, and therefore not an easy one. As you consider your options keep three factors in mind; your audience, your message, and your budget. We often recommend a media mix to deliver your message in multiple ways. Whatever decision you make however, do it right. Skimping on your delivery is one sure fire way to have a campaign fail.

Some questions to consider when choosing the medium;

1. What habits/behaviors do the consumers need to be exposed to the ad?
2. Will the ad campaign be delivered to your desired audience?
3. How likely is it that consumers will be exposed to your specific ad repeatedly?
4. What assurance will you have that your ad is running at your desired times?
5. Is your campaign strong enough and frequent enough to build memory?
6. What are the costs vs. the exposures to your audience?

Most mediums are effective if used correctly. The important question often becomes which of type you can afford to use at a significant enough level to guarantee its effectiveness. The investment should always be considered against the long-term benefits that exposure means to your business.

Today’s business world requires you fight for your place in the marketpace. If you don’t, your competitor will. A little strategic thinking in your marketing will ensure you have a smart and cost effective plan for your advertising dollars will keep you on top in the marketplace.

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