Directional Billboard Design Tips

Mar 7, 2013


As discussed in my previous blog, the directional billboard (directional for short) is the simplest and perhaps most frequently used billboard. Directionals can have the greatest and most measurable impact on a business. I have seen businesses in decline, as evidenced by falling sales and reduced compensation to employees actually turn things around with the effective use of a single directional billboard. This type of impact can only happen when the directional billboard is effectively designed.

An effective directional billboard is not subtle or clever but rather simple and direct. The primary message should be two fold. First identify your business by name or with a logo and then provide directions to find you. A directional billboard is not the place to sell products or make the consumer aware of your offerings; that type of information should be done in limited instances and only when subordinated to the primary message.

Those two pieces of information, what the business is and how to find it should be big, bold and dominate the design. Use high contrasting colors for the background of the display and the message. Select a type style that is big and bold; avoid type style with thin lines and lots of serifs. For more information on good design and in particular color contrasts and fonts please check out our Good Art / Bad Art Principles.

As with all good billboard design, but particularly true with directional billboards it is important to keep copy simple. Use as few design elements as possible. Remember, with a directional billboard your primary objective is to drive customers to your business. Attached to this entry you will find a few examples of good directional billboard design.

– Jim Moravec (General Manager)

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