Displaced Stott Employees

Nov 14, 2018


9 of our employees have been displaced due to the Camp Fire that decimated the city of Paradise and is still raging in Northern California. We have received some good news this morning that there is a chance that 1 of their homes survived the fire, but 7 have confirmation that their homes and all of their belongings are completely destroyed and 1 home may be rendered unlivable due to the fire retardant that was dumped from the sky to slow the fire down.

This fire came into Paradise so quickly and with such intensity that there wasn’t time to grab anything before the evacuation. It was absolutely devastating. As you can imagine, getting information is still very difficult at this stage but what we do know for sure is that we have friends and coworkers that need help.

Please, aid with whatever amount that you can to help our team get their lives back together.




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