Frequent Potential Advertiser Questions

Dec 5, 2012


Having spent many years in the Outdoor Advertising business I continue to be surprised how frequently I encounter potential advertisers that have an interest in using billboards to promote their business but simply do not know how to get started. It seems that they have been contacted frequently during their time in business by radio, television and newspaper advertising outlets yet outdoor remains a mystery.

In a series of articles I will attempt to address the most frequent questions potential advertisers have regarding the effective use of outdoor advertising. The first thing to remember when you see a billboard you believe could be of benefit to your business, is that it is generally owned by a company who would like nothing better than to add you to their list of valued customers. Many people make the mistake of believing that the billboard which they are interested in is owned by the current advertiser To identify the owner of a billboard look for the small, often almost unnoticeable nameplate (people in the billboard business call this an imprint) that identifies the owner of the billboard. Once you have this information the company will be just a phone call or internet search away.

Once contacted the owner of the billboard will be able to tell you the price and availability of the specific location which initially prompted your call. If the price is agreeable often it is just a matter of being patient and waiting for the display to become available. Should that particular display not be in your budget or you don’t want to wait then it might be prudent to consider alternate locations. Often, through consulting with the outdoor advertising company’s representative, you will discover there are locations that could be of benefit to your business that are available immediately and for a smaller monthly investment.

In future articles I will discuss considerations in choosing an effective billboard and considerations in creating a design that will accomplish your objectives.

– Jim Moravec (General Manager)

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