OOH Media and Online Activity

Jun 28, 2017


In April I shared my thoughts regarding the Nielsen Poster Advertising Study.  You may recall Nielsen is the highly regarded S&P 500 audience measurement company that conducted a study on the effectiveness of poster advertising in various markets including Chico.  Their poster study reflected favorably on Stott Outdoor as well as the out-of-home advertising industry in general.  Nielsen is back with more good news for the OOH Industry, this time with an online activation survey.  I have linked the complete survey below,  however a couple of key takeaways:

  • OOH Media delivers more online activity per ad dollar spent than television, radio, or print (newspapers and magazines).
  • 46% of the population 18+ have used Google, Bing, Yahoo or other internet search engines to look up information after seeing something advertised on a billboard, bus shelter or other OOH

Research proves it is a sound choice to use the world’s oldest advertising medium to drive consumers to its newest.  Complete data from the referenced study is linked at Nielsen OOH Online Activation Survey 2017.

– Jim Moravec

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