Oroville City Council approves new agreement for digital billboard

Nov 4, 2015


Plans to erect a digital billboard display at the city’s southern entrance on Highway 70 advanced Tuesday.

The Oroville City Council voted 4-2 to transfer a lease agreement for the site of the current “Welcome to Oroville” sign at Georgia Pacific Way to Stott Outdoor Advertising.

Jim Moravec, a general partner with Stott, said the new sign may be built in four to six months. Following the council’s approval, the company has to go to the Planning Commission to transfer a use permit and then obtain a building permit and a state permit.

Previously, state approval slowed the project as Caltrans initially denied the placement in May 2012. The agency later re-evaluated the decision and approved it in March 2014.

By that point, it was too late for the second company seeking to use the site, Binderup Investments Inc. The company withdrew from the project in March.

Stott’s proposed design calls for two, 288-square-foot billboards on a single column. One electronic sign will face south while a static display faces north.

The entire structure is 35 feet tall, about 7 feet taller than the current civic sign.

Both the displays and overall sign are smaller than the original proposal, which called for two digital displays on two columns in a design similar to the current sign.

Councilman David Pittman thanked Stott for being willing to invest in the city. He said the current sign was falling apart and touted digital signs as the wave of the future.

Pittman asked what would happen to the civic placards that are on the current sign. Fifteen community groups are currently posted.

Acting city administrator Don Rust, also community development director, said preliminary designs don’t show the placards, but they will be on the site in a different orientation.

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