Tatvertising: A perfect fit for the struggling book industry?

Aug 1, 2015


Imagine you have a business, or you have a product or service, and it’s your job to get the word out. To what extremes would you go to maximize your message to your audience?

Some companies take chances with unorthodox advertising placement (some succeeded, while others whiffed mightily). Would you be willing to put advertising on your clothing? How about your body? How about permanently on your body, i.e., a tattoo?

Believe it or not, “tatvertising” is a thing – or at least book publisher Hachette Australia wanted to make it a thing (this isn’t the first attempt at converting human skin into an advertising canvas).

In publicizing Stieg Larsson’s new book, “The Girl in the Spider’s Web” (the fourth in the Millennium series that famously started with “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”), advertising company Razor & JOY put out the call to find a woman willing to transform her back into a living, breathing 8-inch-by-12-inch advertisement for Larsson’s new book.

What would the lucky girl get paid, you ask? Turns out, nothing monetarily. Said Razor & JOY: “This campaign is an opportunity to give a truly passionate fan a free tattoo that is unique to a strong literary character.”

I shudder to think what failed campaigns fell by the wayside for “50 Shades of Grey.”

But, as with any good story, this one, too, has a plot twist: Hachette recently announced they rethought their tatvertising idea, and have decided to discontinue the tattoo element of the campaign. Read the original article from The Verge .

So, what are your thoughts about tatvertising? Would you do it, if the price were right? Would you never do it no matter the compensation?

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