The responsive nature of digital displays

Apr 12, 2017


On February 12, nearly 200,000 local residents were evacuated when the Department of Water Resources anticipated catastrophic failure of Oroville Dam’s emergency spillway.  Upon hearing about the emergency evacuation orders, Stott was able to immediately replace all of our digital advertising copy in the area with evacuation messages informing people to leave the area and what telephone numbers to call for further information.



Thankfully the emergency spillway held and disaster was averted, but it was a great example as to how digital displays can do more for our community than just help local businesses advertise.  Digital displays can quickly and effectively transmit important information in an emergency, while reaching people that may not even be aware that an emergency is going on.  We have also connected all of our digital displays to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children’s Amber Alert system, which will suspend all advertising and issue an Amber Alert message if a child goes missing in the area.

At Stott we take our responsibility to our community seriously and appreciate the support we have received!

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