Thoughts on the 2017 Nielsen Poster Study

Apr 14, 2017


For several reasons I read with great interest the Poster Advertising Study recently released by the audience measurement firm Nielsen. First, Nielsen is a highly regarded S & P 500 company. While perhaps best known for its TV audience measurement, it engages in the study of audience measurement for all media in over 100 countries. Second, the study focuses on the oft overlooked poster advertising medium which is of interest because Stott Outdoor operates over 300 poster locations in Butte County. Finally and perhaps most importantly, this study focused on large, medium and small US markets. Chico was one of the three small markets selected for the study which also included Montgomery AL and Topeka KS. It is exciting that we are therefore not looking at data from some far away land in a different area but instead our primary poster market was a focus of the study. A few of the important conclusions of this study:

  • 51% of the adults surveyed noticed a poster in the past month. Among younger adults (25-34 age group) 71% recall noticing a poster in the past month.
  • 94% of those that noticed a poster advertisement report looking at the advertising message all, most or some of the time.
  • The average visually aided ad recall was 47% across all the campaigns tested. This finding means that 47% of poster viewers recalled seeing a specific ad. Interestingly, local advertisers had a higher recall than national advertisers.
  • 58% percent of all poster viewers agree that poster ads are informative while 60% believe that poster ads stand out more than newspaper advertising.
  • 55% of poster viewers report having changed their plans to visit an advertised business.

Advertisers have invested their hard earned dollars over many years because they believe that poster advertising is of value in conveying their message to the consumer. It is nice to see an organization as credible as Nielsen validating that belief right here in Chico.

– Jim Moravec

Complete data from the referenced study is linked at Nielsen OAAA Poster Study 2017.

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