Trust in advertising

Mar 17, 2015


Way back in 2006 Jay Walker-Smith, President of the Marketing Firm Yankelovich, said that we poor human beings could be exposed to as many as 5,000 ads per day. Back in 2006!

That number could easily be doubled today.

However, with ads coming at us in multiple different ways, and with many more choices of how we deal with the ad, advertisers are developing new opportunities to get their ad to reach our eyeballs.

Take outdoor advertising, for example. This is very reliable and straightforward. You get what you see, no trickery here. Those looking to get their message out do so in carefully thought out areas and use a specific type of ad format (i.e., bus, transit shelter, billboard, poster, etc.). And we’re seeing more outdoor advertising. In short, it has proven to be a successful way to convey a message.

Then there are TV ads, which have been aired since…well, since there’s been TV watching. The issue here is that today, if we DVR our favorite show, we very likely skip the ads.

And then there are digital ads, which seem to try to slip by undetected, masquerading as authentic posts. Sponsored content (or advertorials, as they’re sometimes called) is required to indicate that they’ve been paid for, as some sort of advertisement. But they can sneak right through, not appearing as an ad. Sneaky, huh?

And if you’re in the crowd that spends time on social media (Facebook and Twitter, for example), you might have noticed that paid ads are slipped in between genuine posts.

Advertising has evolved so much over time, especially how it reaches us. From the Mad Men era to social media, we human beings are bombarded with ads. So which type of advertising do you find most honest? And how do you handle the daily onslaught of ads?

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