We are getting there…

Dec 27, 2017


Beginning in early summer 2017 we at Stott Outdoor Advertising, and more specifically our construction and maintenance team, commenced a significant project. This project involves a minimum two man crew visiting each one of our sign structures and replacing the existing metal halide lights with new state of the art LED lighting. The logistics of men, materials and equipment being in place at sign locations from the Palm Springs area, to the far northern California coast and on to the high desert of central Nevada to accomplish this conversion seemed daunting at times. The quality of the light illuminating our advertiser’s messages combined with the highly visible reduction in our power usage and resultant costs have made the effort more than worthwhile. After wrapping up a few of the final locations in the Chico area this week, we will take the some time off to let the winter rains pass (hoping for some winter rain at this point) and finish off a small portion of the project early next spring. Outstanding effort by our construction/maintenance team for once again getting the job done!

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